Get started quickly and in the right direction with our 8 video ``OPTIONS SMALL ACCOUNT GROWTH`` video trading course.


Start Small And Grow

Most traders and investors fail because they don’t start with a good foundation. Our SMALL ACCOUNT GROWTH COURSE gives you a solid foundation that will help you start well and keep going toward success!

Options are a fantastic vehicle to begin trading with.  With each trade, you can know exactly how much risk you have.  Using option “spread” trades you can easily establish positions where the reward to risk is very favorable.

In this course, we focus on the strategies you’ll need to grow a small account.  We’ll keep it simple and actionable so that you can manage trades on the go.

In 8 Video Modules, we’ll help you leap build the skills to systematically grow a small account into a larger account.

  1. “Intro”

  2. “Risk”

  3. 4 Defined Risk Strategies

  4. “Credit Spreads”

  5. “Adjusting a Credit Spread”

  6. “Debit Spreads”

  7. “Iron Condor”

  8. “Directional Calls/Puts”

  9. “Next Steps”

These modules represent close to 8 hours of content, enough to take any one from a beginner to a dependable level of competence. These are the foundational concepts we use everyday in markets and we believe they will help you learn how to get started building an approach that will win and last!

Notice: trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results


  • If you’re looking to develop tools to use to identify your own opportunities.
  • If you don’t want to scan hundreds of charts to find your next idea.
  • If you want a tailored watch list of stocks that you can deploy option strategies on.
  • How can I know which stocks to pay attention to and which to avoid?
  • How can I have a dedicated list of stocks that I know meet my criteria of high liquidity and high options volume?
  • How can I come into each session armed with several ideas that have  a good probability of success?
  • Never have to build a watch list again.
  • Know that you are looking at the stock names that have high interest and participation.
  • Generate 3-5 good option trading ideas for each session.
  • We deliver the latest report after the close of the trading session.  The report is sent via email and posted in SLACK.
  • You review the report to select the stock names you are interested in playing in the coming session, as well as, how you plan to use options to play them.


Start Growing Your Small Account Today
Why Choose Us

These are the tools and approaches we use for success in today’s challenging and every changing markets.

We know you have many options for trading education and if you’ve been learning for some time you may be skeptical. This is why we make this course so accessible. Our hope is that this course will save you hundreds and thousands on courses that don’t work.

How To Get Started

The SMALL ACCOUNT GROWTH COURSE is an enhanced self-directed study program.  While focused on independent study, we pair group discussion in SLACK for further discussion. Discuss modules with other students, as well as, our team of facilitators

The Usual Workflow

Watch the Video modules in order as they increase in complexity from Module 1 to Module 9.

Complete the homework exercises for each Module.

Once you have completed viewing a module and completed the homework exercises, go to the next Module.