Find your next trading idea and build your watch list with our tool


Hone Your Attention Towards ``In Play`` Stocks

Not all stocks are the same.  Some are worth your time and investment.  Many are not.  How do you filter and decide which ones?  Our OPTION SEED tool combs the US equity markets every day and builds a watch list for you!

We take the 5000+ listed stocks on American Stock exchanges and filter these down into a list that typically includes 15-30 names you can focus on to employ the strategies we cover in our courses.

January 23, 2021 Example Report showed potential for a break out in RKT (Rocket Mortgage).  The move happened to target the next session.

January 27, 2021 Example Report showed potential for a break out in WDC (Western Digital).  The move toward the target began the next session.

Start using the OPTION SEED TOOL today.  Simply fill out the form below to have this report emailed to you after the close of each session.


  • If you’re looking to develop tools to use to identify your own opportunities.
  • If you don’t want to scan hundreds of charts to find your next idea.
  • If you want a tailored watch list of stocks that you can deploy option strategies on.
  • How can I know which stocks to pay attention to and which to avoid?
  • How can I have a dedicated list of stocks that I know meet my criteria of high liquidity and high options volume?
  • How can I come into each session armed with several ideas that have  a good probability of success?
  • Never have to build a watch list again.
  • Know that you are looking at the stock names that have high interest and participation.
  • Generate 3-5 good option trading ideas for each session.
  • We deliver the latest report after the close of the trading session.  The report is sent via email.
  • You review the report to select the stock names you are interested in playing in the coming session, as well as, how you plan to use options to play them.